FLIP: Florida Invasive Plants

Ludwigia peruviana

Common Name(s): Peruvian primrosewillow


South America

Ecological Impact

This plant forms dense colonies along shorelines, then grows out into the water, where it clogs waterways, damages structures, and out-competes native vegetation.  Listed as a Category I invasive species by the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council.  


A shrubby weed with showy yellow flowers that grows in or near water.  Stems are erect. Leaves are alternate, lanceolate to broadly ovate, and pointed, 2-6 in long, 0.5-1.25 in wide; with fuzzy tan hairs. Flowers are bright yellow with 4 wide, oval, veined petals. Fruit is a 4-angled capsule.

Identification Tips

Look for bright yellow flowers with willow-like, hairy leaves, with a sprawling growth pattern. 


Introduced as an ornamental plant and became naturalized in many southeastern states, including Florida. 

Florida Range

Found throught the state of Florida; mainly central and southern.

Prevention/Management Strategies

Do not plant. 


Most photos courtesy of the Atlas of Florida Plants; click for additional plant details.

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Florida Invasive Plants